Problem with ahthor importing

I have a problem when I try to import from ‘Analytical abstract’ in OvidSp.

Author names are so written:

AU  - Tang, D. P., Yu, Y. L., Niessner, R., Miro, M., Knopp, D.

I have modified the filter ABI-Inform(OvidSp) in author parsing: I put as author name separator Other  and ., instead of the Smart selection, but when I import the record, there is a comma beween last and first name only for the first author:

Tang, D. P.

Yu Y. L.

Niessner R.

Miro M.

Knopp D.

What can I do?


If you are still having trouble with this, please send me the data file you wish to import and I will take a look at it.


Jeff Jackson

Thomson Reuters