OvidSP Transport database direct export author field mess

Since OvideSP’s recent database upgrade, we have encountered this problem in their Transport database: During a direct export, EndNote X3 will ask you to choose a import filter. Upon selecting the Transport (OvidSP) filter, all records were imported successfully excpet that EndNote had put records with multipl authors all in one single long line. 

On closer inspection we realised that the direct export file generated by Transport database is using a different separator than that was specified in the filter. A little tweak of the filter did seem to correct the majority of imported records, however there are some occasions that the database decided to use swap the order of first names and middle names for no apparent reasons and that’s when the records get messy.

Just wondering if anyone else in the forum has encountered this problem and if you have a customised filter that solves the problem?

Does anyone know if this is effecting more than just the Transport database?

Incidentally, this database seems to be formatting their direct export records (.cgi) differently from that displayed on screen and that are exported as RIS (.ris) or text (.txt). As a result, manually importing a RIS file or a text file using the Transport (OvidSP) filter has not been successful. (Sorry I couldn’t attached the files as the extensions are not permitted by the forum.)

The filter we are using was downloaded from the EndNote support page



transport-citation.txt (6.48 KB)