Problem with import document

Hi everybody, I’m a new user from Italy. I hope everyone reads my question can forgive me for my mistake in english grammar. So I hope someone can solve my problem: I’m writing my degree’s thesis but I have problem in reference import with endnote. In particular way when I import a document the program sometimes imports the document in a strange way as  <title reference.pdf> and I can’t use it as reference. I asked to my professor and he told me I was wrong to load the document’s data. Sameone can help me to solve this problem? Thanks a lot

That importing of a PDF only works if the meta data is in the PDF and Endnote can interprete it.  If it can’t it just uses the name of the PDF as you are seeing.  – Better to download (thru import or connect) if you can from a database and then drag and drop your PDF on to it.  

Thank you, now I can understand the problem. Are you so gentle to tell me also how to use the database research. I tried to use it with Pubmed’s database but everytime it can’t find anything. I know I was wrong with something. Thank you so much again for your patience.

what is your field of study?  


Then pubmed should work just fine?   Are you using the “connection” or trying to export from the pubmed results?