Problematic bug/error in EndNote 20.0.1 - Wrong number of authors in some styles


I have discovered a potential bug/error in EndNote 20.0.1.

In styles that have programming limiting the number of authors that should be displayed in the reference list, the number shown becomes wrong.

In Vancouver, the rule is: If 7 or more authors, list 6 and add et. Al. But after the latest update of EndNote 21 (21.0.1.), the program displays 7 authors when a source has 7 authors (it should be 6 and et al.). If the source has 8 authors, it works correctly and displaying 6 and et al. (see attached figure).

The same happens with other styles with similar author limitation (but with different max number of author names).

I have tested this on several computers with EN 21.0.1. (Including one Mac).

This error is not present in EndNote 20.0.0.

This is a problematic error that should be fixed asap.

Best wishes

Jan Ove

EndNote Support has confirmed this error and they are working on a fix in a future patch update. The temporary solution is to reduce the max number of authors with one in involved styles (e.g. for Vancouver: If 6 or more authors, list 6 and et al.).

Best wishes

Jan Ove

I had previously reported a similar issue with APA 7th style, interesting to hear it is affecting other styles as well! I agree this should be fixed asap.

@parabuthus that’s useful to know that EndNote Support is investigating. I was disappointed not to hear a response from Clarivate on my ticket so I’m pleased to hear they are working on this, this is a significant issue and the workaround is likely to cause confusion for a lot of our users! Would be good to have an estimated timescale of when the patch update is likely to be released.

EndNote 21.1 for Windows is released, but this error is not fixed in this update.