Update Style for 'Parasite' journal


Some colleagues alerted us that Endnote Style present on ‘Parasite’ website have been created with an old version of Endnote (X1), and, with some recent versions, authors names are not correctly add in references.

Indeed only the first author name is displayed follow by “et al.” instead of all the author list.

Would you please help me, and update this Style to be compatible with recent version of Endnote?

Please find attached Instruction for authors and the old EndNote style available Parasite website (parasite-journal.org)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards.


parasite.ens (16.6 KB)
parasite_instructions.zip (143 KB)

The current settings don’t have anything to do with X1 vs X7, styles are compatible for most things like this.  

I suspect it has to do with changes in the format requirements, or that is was never quite right, or it is correct?

So in the attached, the settings for number of authors is “if 6 or more, show 1 author, et al”.   That can be easily changed by editing the author list settings in the output style, but first we need a few more details.  

Do you know whether the journal wants to always see all authors, or if there is a number after which they want to see some but not all? (for example if there are more than 6 authors, list the first followed by et al.  (always best to be at least 2 less than the cut-off, or else you end up with an et al for only one author.)  None of the examples in their instructions address this, as they only show articles with one to four authors. So it may be exactly what they intend, if an paper has more than 6 authors?  

Are you writing on behalf of the Journal itself?  

There is a web site where you can ask for updates to styles as well.  (I don’t see that this style is in the Endnote collection currently.)  


Hi Leanne,

Indeed I work for the publisher EDP Sciences, I contacted the Editor in Chief of Parasite journal and he comfirmed me that this rule is not correct, all authors should be displayed.

Would you please update the output style for me, so we could update our website?
(I apologies, but I never used EndNote and I suppose you are going to do this change really faster than me)

For future updates or request I will ask that directly on your “output-style-request” page.

Thanks again for your help.

Best regards.


No problem, but remember, I am just an Endnote user with no affliation with the software providers, but I changed your output style to list all authors in the bibliography. It is attached.  I suggest you might also ask Endnote to list it in their web collections thru the web link I provided below.   

parasite (2).ens (16.9 KB)

Great Thank you.
I’m going to follow your advice to add our journals on the Endnote collection.

Have a nice day.