problems syncing EndNote x6 and EndNote Web


I have only just started using EndNote and am learning how to use it, currently with a ‘baby’ library of about 15 items. So far, I have 3 problems with syncing:

1.  I want EndNote and EndNote Web to sync automatically: went to Preferences, Sync, entered my web account details and ticked the boxes to sync every 15 mins and on closing, but it’s not doing so.

  1. When I tried to sync manually (Tools - sync), I got a duplicate record of everything in both libraries, and as a bonus, duplicate groups in EndNote Web as well. :confounded: Glad I only have 15 records to worry about (or 30 now…)

  2. My pdfs are all missing from EndNote Web.  Do I have to attach them all manually again??

Thank you to anyone who can help!

I’m getting the same problem.  I just upgraded from EndNote X5 to X6 and wanted to transfer a new desktop library to my EndNote web.  It was a disaster.  The transfer function on the previous version (X5) was working very well, allowing the user to take control of what needed to be transferred/synchronized.  I had several libraries (one per writing project) that I could transfer to/from EndNote web pretty easily.  Now the new version (X6) created a huge, duplicated, single library, without respecting my groups in either place (desktop or web).  Luckily I had a back up but this should not be like this.  I switched back to X5 until this gets fixed on the new version…

See this threadwith a link to a training video on how to avoid duplicates. 

That video on the link is set to private, so I cannot watch it. Can you give any better details here in this thread?

I think the revised synch presentation is here

and if it happens again (as I am sure they will revise it again at some point! - but wouldn’t it be nice to put a note on the “now private” video pointing to the revision???)

try this page 


I’ve also been having problems with this: I initially tried to sync to an existing EndNote Web library, but I couldn’t get it to work ,so I re-registered and started again with an empty Web library. The Sync now works perfectly one way, but doesn’t work the other way. My EndNote X6 library is backed up to EndNote Web and all syncs that way are happening automatically, however, I recently saved some new references to EndNote Web, but these have not been synced to my X6 library, even though the automatic syncs have been running. Is there any other setting I need to check?

I’m a Librarian trying to write our new training manual for January, so all help much appreciated!

Many thanks.