problems with journal abbrevations in references


            I have a problem in abbrevating the journal titles. I want journal names to be abbrevated in my references something like this Experimental Brain Research should be appeared as Exp. Brain Res. 

Luckily I found the a thread and video link which I followed step to step exactly, but, It doesn’t work. In the terms list it shows abbrevation 1 but when I check it in the Edit>outputstles>style>Journal Names>check abbrevation 1 nothin’s happening to the Journal name. Couldn’t figure out where did go wrong. Any help is much appreciated.



That journal needs to be in the Journal Terms list.  Does it?  Did you follow all the steps to replace the current Journal Terms list?  Detailed instructions are in the Knowledge Base article (which also has the link to the video).

Yes I did follow step by step procedure plese find the figure attached, but still journal names appears to be full. This not problem with this one journal name, but with all. This was just stated as example journal name

Could you please help me.


Next make sure the journal terms list is linked to your Journal field? 

Hello, Yes I have done it but no use. Called Endnote support today, we have identified that , journal abbrevations are visible in a new word file but the word file I am using is unable to load abbrevations. For now I started on another word file as I was told it would take time to fix. Many thanks for helping me out.



Glad they are able to find the problem!  Good luck and let us know the outcome eventually?