Problems with trial version Endnote X8.2p3 (build 13260)

I am using Endnote on a Mac in 30 day free trial mode.

I have to update to the latest Beta verwion to enable cite as you type with my latest verison of MS Word for Mac.

Two major problems - 

Unexpectedly quits about 3 times every time I launch it.

I seemingly  cannot import anything - BibTex files, xml files - all just gets ignored completely.

I am trying to get away from Papers 2, which I’,m sure will no longer be supported soon - and avoiding the nightmare that is Papers 3. Also using Mendeley - which at the moment seems the best option.

I had assumed that something as famous and costly as Endnote would help me out - but at the moment I’m just glad I have not spent any money yet.

Any thoughts please on the recurrent quitting, and the inability to import anything?

Many thanks.