Endnote X8 cannot insert citation

Dear Customer care,

I am please to inform you that I recently upgraded my Endonte X7 to Endnote X8 simply to solve the problem with incompatiblity between the recently updated MS word for Mac and the X7 version of Endnote.

However, despite upgrading to X8, I still cannot make use of my Endnote. Wnenever I try inserting any reference from my Endonte Library to the MS word for Mac, the MS word simply quited. I have tried several times since from the date I upgraded to endnote version X8. 

Kindly advice me or offer me help to solve this issue. I am in the middle of my writing. I will highly appreciated if you could treat my case as urgent.

Thank you.

I would first check to see if you have the Mendeley addin in Word.

We have seen EndNote and Mendeley conflict if the are both installed.

In Word go to Tools then Templates and Addins to see if Mendeley is installed.

If so locate it on your machine and delete the file or via Mendeley uninstall the Word addin. You will need to quit Word to remove the Addin.

If you do not have Mendeley then please see our Microsoft Word 2016 Troubleshooting guide


If that still does not resolve the issue:

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or


Dear Supporting staff,

I remove the Mendeley add-in and it work fine for me. However, whenever I imported references from PubMed database and try to cite the bibliography, it does remove the journal name and the publication year. I had to key in those missing varaibles mannually in Endnote X8 before I got correct citaion. Is there anything that I may need to correct or If there is a way I can downgrade to Endnote X7 I think will be better because even Finding Full Text in X8 version are only restricted to 250 articles unlike the X7 which allows up to 1000. 

Thank you for your usual advice.


You can get the X7 program from our website but it does not work with the latest updates to Word.

For the download of X7


Information on Compatibility:


I suspect find full text retrieval may be limited because otherwise pubmed can interpret the repeated requests as a denial of service attack.  (my guess).  I am a but surprised that imported references delete these key fields.  there maybe something wrong with the filter or connection file or you have modified the ref templates so that the fields don’t match correctly?  I have not seen this kind of problem in my own use of X8.