Re: How to mark all as unread automatically, always, in X6

I have the similar question, though I want all marked as read so that the font is not bold.

How can I turn  off this feature, which either shows my references in bold or in mottled form.  It’s not something I want and i can’t mark all references as read.  I’ve been through the users guide in detail, but there seems to be no way to mark all references as read.

This seems to be a poorly developed new feature.



I’m afraid there is no option to automatically mark all as read. However, you can at any time select all and choose Mark As Read.

I will move this thread to the Suggestions forum for you; this is the best place to make your voice heard when it comes to anything you may want to see included in the software. While posts made to this forum are rarely replied to, each one is read by our development staff for consideration for future program updates. We appreciate your comments and your willingness to help make our products better for all users.