Is is possible to mark references as 'read'?

I have my library nicely categorized into groups, and I am adding to them daily.  I am wondering if there is a way to mark which ones I’ve read, and perhaps which ones I still need to find a copy of.  Perhaps I could ‘bold’ them in the library list, or change the colour of the entry, or tick a box somewhere?  I’d rather not have to go in to each one and add a category, or create yet another group.

Any suggestions would be great!


Currently, there is no specific marking option, but there are some workarounds. If you would like to see an option to mark references, you can certainly submit your suggestions here:

You should be able to add information to a field in a record or group of records to “mark” them. You would do this by selecting the record or records in your library. You can select multiple records by holding down the Control key or the Command key on the Mac. Once you have the record(s) highlighted, click on the Tools menu and select “Change and Move Fields.” For “In,” you can select the field that would include your marking information. You can use something like the “Label” field for this. Pick the appropriate “Change” options and then enter text in the box to the right to indicate the item has been read. You could use the word “read” or something simpler like the letter “Y.” Click OK to make the changes to the selected records.

Once the records have been “marked,” you can then select to display that field within the library windows. Click the Edit menu (or EndNote menu for the Mac) and select Preferences. Click on Display Fields and change one of the Fields to the one you used to mark your records. Click OK or Save on the Mac to display the field column that will now indicate which records you have “marked” as read.

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Thanks for your help.  I have gone through and marked my library now.  Unfortunately, I could not follow your instructions for marking multiple items at once; EndNote wanted to change the fields in ALL of the items in my library, not just the selected ones.  So, I have done them all individually now.

The system works, although it isn’t as visually striking as it could be.  I would be great if they could make the read/not read look something like your email inbox.

Thanks again!


Once you have selected them, you just need to go to References and Show selected, before performing the change. 

Two other tricks, until they implement your request. 

Once you have marked the records using a field - you can create a smart group collecting the refs “marked” in your chosen field, and to view them, select the group, Ctrl A (to select all showing) and then CTRL M to “show all” and they (temporarily anyway) remain “selected” and you can scroll thru the library. 

another trick, would be to adjust your library display to show the field that you have modified in the first column (you do this thru edit preferences, library display).  Then you can see what is there, and you can also sort on the field.