Read-Only in 30 days?

Hello, I had a user come to us on Friday saying he had this message when using Endnote X2.  He has been using the program regularly for a few weeks, and then all of a sudden gets a message something like ‘endnote will become read-only in 30 days’.  I did not see the exact message since it is on his home desktop, but thats what was conveyed to me.  I have checked the forums and faqs and didn’t find an answer.  If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You.

Sound like he has installed the demo and not inserted the license on his home system?  They might not have the fully patched version either. 

thats what I had thought originally as well, but he showed us how we downloaded it from our library website and he did it the right way.  Now what exactly he did after extracting the zip I don’t know.