Site license users having to re-install a whole new version with every patch

It is very inconvenient and burdensome to users with a site license to have to download an entire new version of EndNote everytime there is a patch.  Also the delay in waiting for the new disc and setting it up so my users can get it is becoming an issue (I received EndNote X2 for Mac more than a month after it was released to the general public.)  When the X2.0.1 patch first came out, I was able to update EndNote for Windows from the Help> EndNote Program Updates menu, but this option is no longer available to my users.  I tell my users one thing, and day later it is no longer working.  It not only makes me look bad, but it also make EndNote not user friendly.  Since they have to uninstall and re-install every time a patch comes out, my users are getting tired of the updates and new versions every 6 months.

Please make this process smoother for site license customers. 

Hi Angela,

We’re actually working on something to make the X2.0.1 patch a much easier process for site license distributions right now.  I was under the impression that our Sales department would be communicating that directly to the site license folks, but I may be mistaken.  At any rate, we should have a solution soon, I would suggest that you hold off on updating for the time being.

Thank you Rick.

Sales never told me (in fact I only even heard about the patch from a user.) 

I’m glad something is being sorted out regarding patches for site licences. It’s embarrassing to release an update about the patch and then have to do an update about the update two weeks later.


Is there any more news on availability of the update for site licence users? We’re about to upgrade and are waiting on this before we do.