Reference ID/record numbers

I am a new user to EndNote.  I am using EndNote X5 right now as we already purchased this version a few years ago for one of my colleagues and we have not upgraded yet.

I am working on a big research project and one of the research scientists has the following question for me: 

Will the references imported from the databases be numbered by any chance?  I am making the data abstraction tool and if the references in EndNote are all pre-numbered/given ID numbers, it would be easy to put the number in the abstraction tool for each reference, rather than having to insert ALL of the reference information into the abstraction tool for each reference.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

They are uniquely numbered – but that number is not to be considered permanent.  Say you copy it to a new library, or you have endnote on another computer and sync it from the cloud.  

But I have regularly copied the record number (possible in X7 - not earlier versions) to another field with a prefix, to make sure it never gets lost.   

I won’t be syncing it to another library or copying it to another libary, as I will only be using EndNote x5 on my desktop computer at work. 

I just want to make sure the imported records have some sort of unique identifier so that my research scientist does not have to enter in the citation information for every citation into her data analysis tool.

It is the “record number” field.