Record Numbers


I was thinking about writing a local note about the use of record numbers in EndNote and wondered what other applications of the numbers there might be. Does anyone have comments?

As I understand, when a bibliographic reference is added to an EndNote library, EndNote assigns a record number to the reference incrementing the last record number, so it there were already 12 records (with numbers 1-12, the new one would be 13). If a record is deleted, the record number is not reassigned.

Some uses of the record numbers are:

  1. Adding to display fields so that records can be sorted by the record number. This will show the order the records were added to the library (and thus could help for reviewing earlier or more recent records).

  2. If one is working with unformatted citations, it may be nice to see the record number more easily in the library panel.

  3. A person could prepare a printed list of references, including the record number in the citation style, and thus have a different way of locating the references in EndNote. (for example, sorting the printed list by author and showing the record number, and sorting the EndNote library by record number).

  4. I don’t know if “more access” to the record number is needed for this purpose, however, it has seemed that the record number *could* be put into the label field before exporting records from EndNote for use in BibTeX. (A unique number is needed and the record number would serve that purpose. It would be nice if there were a way to automatically assign the record number to the label field, however, I have not seen a way to do that. Hmm, I guess one could create a custom export style with the record number exported twice (as the record number and repeated as another field) and then create an import filter that would import the second record number into the label field.)

I’ve mentioned to customers at times that the record number could be added to display fields, however, I am still surprised when a customer mentions using the record numbers.

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In relation to the parenthetical in the 4th item, in EndnoteX7 you can now copy the Record number to another field. This is one of the kinds of reasons I asked for this ability.  

My older paper copies of papers are still filed by record number, but in the electronic age, this is less of a issue.  

Hi Leanne,

Thank you! I think I had looked through the list of fields in the Move and Copy function and did not see record number! It is listed!

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