References changed place in word document


I merged several word documents. Now the references shifted down by one or two positions in the document. Has this something to do with the fact that I have a lot of text in footnotes? Or is this problem typical for vista? How can I fix this mess? I am using Refman 11, word 2007, windows vista.



Before merging your separate documents, did you run the “Revert to Original Text” command on these files?  Each Word document contains a set of Reference Manager field codes.  Combining these sets of field codes could cause crashing in Word and other formatting issues. 

If you still happen to have the original documents,  I would start this process again by making sure you have created a backup copy of each file.  Once you had backed up your documents, in Word, click “Add-ins>Reference Manager 11>Revert to Original Text”.  After your citations had become unformatted, you could take this text and merge it with another unformatted document.  When you have merged your separate documents, in the newly merged master document, click “Add-ins>Reference Manager 11>Generate Bibliography”.

Please let me know if this works for you.

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