Doubled reference list in word


I have merged several word documents together, each document with their own references. When I merged the documents I converted every document to “convert to unformatted citations”, and after merging I used “Update citations and bibliography”. And all this worked poerfectly, until I wanted to add another reference in the merged document. When I added a reference, the reference list doubles, doulicates itself. 

Anyone know how to solve this? I want to be able to edit my document further after the merging. 

Did you try to unformat (convert to temporary citaions)- remove any residual bibliography that remains and refomat?  Sounds like the original bibliography may have a corruption.  

No, I did not try that. Im guessing that goes for all the documents before merging? Where do I find that button? Could not find the option in the “convert citations and bibliography” drop down menu. 

Thank you for the reply

Sorry, it is the “Convert to Unformatted Citations” option. (I am living in the past I guess).   You should be able to do that on the combined document – remove any residual bibliographies and then reformat (Update Citations and Bibliography) and prehaps move the resulting bibliography to the appropriate place.  

I have now managed to merge and add new references without the list doubleing. I converted to unformatted, and then updated the citations. It seems that the difference lied in pressing ctrl-6 after unformatting the document, before copying the text. 

Thank you for all help

that step is essential if there is a corruption in one of the the original fields (select all, Ctrl+Shift+f9 does the same thing).  

good that it worked!