References not formatting correctly in preview window or Word


I have a conundrum from a student who is using EndNote X5.  His reference data in his EndNote records is accurate and complete, but the references aren’t formatting correctly in either the preview window in EndNote, or in Word.

For example, the commonly missing data not displaying on his computer for journal articles is the volume, issue and page number.  The record data is complete and the output style we tested was the standard EndNote Harvard style.  I checked his library on my own PC but everything displayed correctly.

I am stumped as to what might be causing this glitch.  Has anyone experienced something similar? Or have a possible solution?

Thanks in advance.

Is it possible that his reference type table has been corrupted?  

Can you export that from a working version of endnote (your machine) and import it into his?  

You can retrieve it from one, via the edit preferences, ref types> export and import the file into the students computer the same way.  (you may want to export the existing one first, from the students computer in case there are changes that they wanted in it.)