Problem Imporation Style and Reference Type

I bought a new laptop and installed the latest version of Endnote X9. I then imported the style and reference type files I already had on another computer. But when I open a Word document on my new computer, the footnotes don’t display correctly and information fields appear that are not supposed to be there. I refreshed the display (Update Citations and…)from my Word document but nothing changes. I also checked the style and reference types in EndNote and everything seems to match the ones I usually use.

Does anyone have a solution?

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Where did you put your moved output styles and are you sure there aren’t two on the laptop with the same name (one in the program folder and one in your user folder?) Search your harddrive to check.    

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I copied and renamed the RefTypeTable.xml file original in C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Roaming\EndNote. The Output style file is in C:\Program File(x86)\EndNoteX9\Styles

I would try importing the ref table in Endnote, to make sure it is saved where the program expects to find it.  (export and import ref types in preferences, reference types).  I would also open the output style and “save as” after checking it is as you expect, to a new name and select that newly named output style on the endnote ribbon in word.  this should put that output style in your\Users\<youruser>\endnote\styles folder where they won’t get over written when you update the program  (assuming you haven’t changed the default location of the folders in preferences>folder locations).

The Output style file is in C:\Program File(x86)\EndNoteX9

And you checked that that style is the one on the endnote ribbon in word?