Reformat references and citations (manually done) in Word into EndNote

Hi all,

My collaborators added citations and references by manually typing them in a Word document. Now I need to reorganize them into the format for the journal PLoS. Besides creating a blank library and manually adding/editing each reference in EndNote, is there a quick way to automatically import those into EndNote, set the right format, and then display them with the desired format of citation and reference in Word again? Thanks a lot! 

How long is the manuscript and how many references are in it.  How are the references represented in the manuscript (numbers or Author et al Year?) 

Are some of the references (yours) already inserted as endnote references. 

Which version of Endnote are you using? 

Download the most recent version of PLoS style from  the one you have may not be current. 

hi, there are about 70 references, none of them is previously added in any EndNote library. They were cited as (Author et al year), and the references were typed in a way different from PLoS. I use EndNote X2 under Windows Vista.  

Publishing in PLoS, I assume you are in the sciences, so I would pull the 70 from Pubmed. 

Then I would search and replace et al and replace with ,<space> (unless is was really et al, and then just replace it with nothing) and search and replace ( for { and ) for }.  Don’t worry about if they are or are not real references.  Now, you should format the manuscript.  Ignore non-reference {delimited} items.  The {Author, YEAR} should match up pretty well, although you might have to pick the correct one, in ANY co-author was listed as a co-author on paper that year.  Now replace all the remaining {} curley parentheses (which are not references) with real ()parentheses and use the most recent version of PLoS style (I believe they are all the same now). 

Let  us know is this doesn’t work for any reason.