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I use CWYW (EndNote X4 and Word 2010) to cite in my documents. However, now I need to edit one of my existing documents with other people that do not use EndNote (they are working with Word 2010). Currently, my colleagues cannot use any of the existing sources and Word creates a new bibliography when they add references instead of updating the existing one created with EndNote. How can I convert my references so that they work with Word’s built-in reference manager (i.e., references are listed under “Insert Citation” and added to the bibliography)?

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Greetings Craig,

EndNote has functionality to capture references cited using the bibliographic functionality within Word, though the opposite does not exist.  Word has no way to capture references cited using EndNote and automatically convert existing CWYW in-text citations to be linked with Word.  Your colleagues may want to try downloading a 30-day demo version of EndNote until deciding on how to proceed with this project- .

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Another option, if your collaborators don’t want to learn Endnote.  I suggest sending them the unformatted (curly bracketed) version of the manuscript.  then they can insert their refs in word, and you can recover them in endnote and reinsert them and reformat?  I usually “export” the used refs in alpha order and you can even tweak an output style that includes the record number in the Bibliography templates, or easier, in the start or end each ref section of the bibliography layout, it you use more than a couple ref types in your paper. 

Thank you for your replies!! It is a pitty that EndNote references are not compatible with Word. We agreed to use Word references internally (that I can import and reformat when needed).

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