Removed Demo Version X7 - now I can't use Word - pop-up error message from Endnote X7 keeps apparing

I had the trial version of Endnote X7, but I decided against buying it at tis time, as it didn’t seem that I needed it. I uninstalled it before the trial expired as it kept popping up every time I tried to use MS Word. Having uninstalled it (from my MacBook Pro), I still cannot use MS Word, as every time I try to do so, a dialog box keeps popping up with the message ‘Could not find a copy of Endnote 7 to launch Error code = 10814’

Could you help me get rid of this?



Hello, CurtisSharma:

Before we begin, I just wanted to point out that I moved your post here to the EndNote forum instead of the General “Discussions” forum.

As for you issue, I’m guessing that you uninstalled the EndNote demo simply by removing the folder, is that correct? If so, that’s the root cause of your issue, as that doesn’t remove the external components like the CWYW plugin.
If this should ever come up again, the correct way to uninstall the EndNote software on a Mac is to run the Customizer and then choose Uninstall.

At this point, however, it’s probably just easiest to manually remove the CWYW plugin files out of your Word folders. Please quit Word completely, open a Finder window and go to:

Applications: Microsoft Office 2011/2008*: Office: Startup: Word

*it will say EITHER 2008 or 2011, depending on the version of Word you have installed.

Inside this Word folder will be addin files. Please remove any that reference EndNote. When you next open Word, it will not try to launch EndNote.

I hope this helps, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.