remove large number of unwanted citations

New to Endnote X2–I did several Web of Science searches in Endnote yesterday and “moved” the citations of interest into various custom groups. Now I realize that I should have deleted the unwanted search results but I didn’t since I did not realize that all search results are automatically saved to the database. Or are they? The question is: How do I remove 1000 unwanted citations from the All References Group without deleting them individually?The ones I like to keep are in various Custom Groups but I don’t see the option of deleting citations except for those contained in custom groups. Is my only option to export the Custom Groups into a new library and delete the current library? If that is the case, how do I “keep” wanted online search results if there is no check box next to the results? Thanks for any suggestions.

sorry, wrong forum, my question is about Endnote, not Endnote web. I’ll repost there.