How to delete unwanted refs from an online search?

In my new EndNote-20 I cannot find a way to delete some (or all) references from a search I executed through PubMed/NLM.
  Latest example: a query by “first author” yielded 5 refs. Only one was useful to me. I was able to move that one to my primary library. But the remaining 4 references won’t go away.  After I closed the EN program, the unwanted refs apparently disappeared.  I would prefer that they disappear before the end of my working session; otherwise I may have too much clutter from ongoing searches.

   In EN X9 I could highlight them and tap the DELETE key. This doesn’t work in EndNote-20. Nor can I highlight them and drag them to the “Trash” group.
Please advise.

Henry Kahn (long-time EN user)
Operating System: Windows 10

Word Processor: Microsoft Word 2016

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I have the same problem, there is no button to delete endnote online search references. You have to close endnote and reopen it: Nasty. Please Clarivate - take care for a solution