Remove red text coloring of author names, it is barely readable in dark mode

It is difficult to see the author’s names when they are forced to be displayed in red. Allow the color to be changed by the user or choose another way to indicate what you are communicating by using the red text. What is being communicated by the red text anyway? Unknown author?

good point.

I believe it indicates that that Authors name is not saved to the Author Terms List. Since I have my settings to NOT update lists when importing, pasting or during data entry, most of mine are red. – Having those preferences on messes up the journal terms lists.

I agree that the red font for author names is VERY difficult to read in dark mode.
This is a substantial problem with EndNote 21. Please lighten the color, or better yet, allow the user to select the color font.

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Multiple other threads have asked for the ability for users to change colours in endnote.