Some Authors in the text have to be formatted UPPERCASE


Imagine the following paragrah:

Name1/Name2/Name3 (1938) have found that water has no color but is transparent. 

I have defined my own output style to get the formatting above. 

The guidelines of the chair I’m writing my thesis at however demands, that in some cases the Names are formatted in uppercase, so:

NAME1/NAME2/NAME3 (1938) have found that water has no color but is transparent. 

How can I achieve that with Endnote? I cannot simply edit the names afterwards as Word also formats it automatically back to the normal format when I save the file. 

Any ideas?


To selectively change some of the citations to upper case you will need to do so using Endnote’s “Edit Citations” feature. Otherwise, as you found editing the citations in MS Word won’t produce permanent results. You’ll need to edit the citation (using Endnote) to “hide” the author names, then manually type in the names in an upper case format. Since this involves a manual change, you may want to recheck with your chair that the selective use of the uppercase format is correct.

For more information on editing citations view the Endnote training video: