Remove the "remove" option when right-clicking on annotations

I don’t know if this have been addressed in the newest version of endnote, but there is a very confusing and frustrating occurence when one right clicks to edit or delete an annotation in the Endnote PDF viewer.  One option early option in the menu is “remove,” which deletes the entire PDF. A later option is to “delete annotation,” which is generally the reason one uses the right-click on an annotation. Since right-clicking brings up a context sensitive menu in nearly every other Windows program, the option to “remove”  appears as though it could be used to delete the annotation, only to find that one deletes the entire PDF.  Of course, there is warning message that may indicate this, but one may not be likely to pay much attention. if all he or she wants to do in delete a simple note bubble. 

At the very least, the “remove” option should be more explicit (e.g. remove entire PDF) or one should be able to use the undo button to fix the mistake. Ideally, you would follow the conventions that Windows has already established so that right clicks are context sensitive and not used to make universal changes.