Renaming Library

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A very basic and simple question:

How do you rename your Library in Endnore X6?

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There is no “rename” option in EndNote, but you can open the library and click File > Save A Copy to create a new copy of the library with the required name. You can then close the existing library and open the new library. At that point, you can archive the old library .enl file and associated .Data folder.

Hey ya !

Yup, I can ‘rename’ my library now.

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Of course you could always rename the file and (most importantly) rename carefully the associated .DATA folder… 

Keep in mind, that the name is case sensitive. If there is any difference between the .enl and .Data folder in terms of the spacing, punctuation or capitalization, EndNote will not recognize they are part of the same library. That is why it is best to use EndNote’s Save A Copy command to create a new copy of the library with the desired name. You can always keep the original as a backup archive or discard the items from your computer.

Thanks for this useful thread - I have just saved a library as a copy and renamed it, but now I have the problem that if I sync the renamed library, Endnote says it will merge it with the existing library.

I am not keen on the idea of 4100 duplicate references, so is there a work around for this?


Not that I have found.  I find it frustrating as I like to name my libaries based on when I made the last full historical backup. (I have daily backups, but since they get overwritten, I like to have a separate backup somewhere. 

the only advice I have received is a complicated process to reset and resync the entire library. 

Many thanks for the response. Renaming the library would be easy without having the web sync in place, but the very thing that makes EndNote so powerful (i.e. in having a library in sync across several machines) works against the user in this case.

The best way of dealing with it would be to have an option to sync two different libraries that didn’t trigger a merge of records. That way, it would be possible to rename a library on save, then sync that library before deleting the original one. The delete would need to ripple down from the cloud based copy to the hardware copies, perhaps triggering an option to archive the ‘old’ libraries on PCs/laptops as a safety net.

Do you by any chance have the advice to hand about resetting and resyncing the entire library? I am pretty IT literate and I really would like to give this library another name!


I think they emailed it to me some time ago, but I also just found it here in another thread!   

Done, thank you very much!