Renamed library not connecting with data file

I have a library patron who had two EndNote (X7) libraries saved in her documents folder. One was robust, with more than 100 references, while the other had just a few. She wanted to keep the larger library and delete the smaller one.  She renamed both, and moved them into another folder within her Documents folder.  Now when she opens EndNote, she can only access the smaller library, regardless of which llibrary she selects.

I’m guessing there was some problem with renaming and changing the pathways, and maybe something about the library and it’s associated data file being uncoupled?

Does anyone have any idea what I’m talking about (because I’m not sure that I do), and what to do about it?

The most important part of a library is the contents of the .DATA folder associated with that library name.  In fact you can delete the pointer file (libraryname.enl) and recreate an empty file with a text editor, in the same folder as the .DATA folder (not IN the .DATA folder) and use it to open the library.  So if she still has the .DATA folder for the better library, she should do that (use a text editor like notepad to create an empty file called libraryname.enl) where libraryname matches exactly the name of the libraryname.DATA folder.  If you change the name of one, you must change the name and keep the two together during any moving process.  Better to alway first compress the library from the file menu into a .enlx file which has everything together.