Request for help


I’m a Ph.D. student. I’m writing my thesis. I’ve lot of papers that I reviewed. I’ve imported the folders in endnote X7.3 but its showing lots of papers in unfile just only showing the attach file without paper detail (don’t update references tried 100 of times). Would it be possible that endnote pick up all references from one paper (that I want to cited) so that I could not attach every paper? Please help it makes easy for me to write, Please helpb (

Ii assume you mean imported PDFs, which only pulls the “metadata” if they have metadata to import. see this Blog from Rutgers for a work around, and then update should work. 

Are the records in pubmed or web of science?  Make sure that in preferences, you have ticked the “pubmed” box, but be cautious.  The reason it isn’t ticked as a default, is because if you asked pubmed to update a huge number of records or asked pubmed to review the PDFs for a huge number of records, Pubmed might interpret the repeated requests as a denial of service attack and block your IP address from connecting.  So only do 10 or 20 at a time. 

The sort answer is that it is not easy to import citation cited in other papers, unless you or your institution subscribe to databases that provide this information (Scopus is one I use).  To create an importable file, you need to define each of the fields in a way that endnote can interpret.