'Return to text' feature in bibliography

I have my in-text citations hyperlinked to the Endnote bibliography. I’ve checked with Endnote tecnical support and there is no way to go from a citation in the bibliography back to the relevant area of text. It’s so helpful when publications offer a ‘return to text’ link in their reference lists  – I am really hoping for something like this in Endnote. Does anyone have any tips on how to return to the relevant piece of text from a reference  in the bibliography?

If you click [Alt] + [left arrow] with Word for Windows, the cursor will switch back to the previous point. I have not found a working version of this command for the Mac. It may be necessary to add a Macro to accomplish this with Word for Mac. Please see this Microsoft Word for Mac Forum post for more information:


Thanks Jason, I’ll check out the link. I’m on a Mac.