RM11 & Word 2003 - disappearing bibliography

I am trying to help a user of RefMan 11 (used in conjunction with Word 2003).

His document has in-text citations. When he clicks ‘Generate Bibliography’, the reference list does not appear at the bottom of the document. Has anyone seen this happen before. I can’t spot any settings which would be causing it.

Also, the document contains repeat citations which do not seem to have been picked up properly. The user has cited about 60 items, but some are referred to more than once in the text. When testing an output style which uses numbering, the final citation was no.99, implying that the duplicate entries are being listed twice - although we can’t be certain as we can’t see the bibliography!

Any advice would be very welcome.

Kate Brunskill

Deputy Librarian, Rockefeller Medical Library, UCL Institute of Neurology, London, UK

The multiple citations are usually because the program is using a “travelling library” rather than going to the master database - you may need to re-link to the database.

The lack of bibliography implies some sort of problem with the output style, but I’m not sure what - I just build a database, don’t do much CWYW