Search bar in Reference Window view of a PDF document crashes Endnote X8

Hi, dear Endnote Community!

I got a small problem which causes Endnote X8 to crash.

This is what I do: I open the attached PDF-File of some reference in the reference window (either by rightclicking on the preview on the PDF in the righthand sidebar and selecting “Open in Reference Window” or by clicking the button with the little square and arrow at the side bar, which says “Open PDF”). Then I type some word into the not plainly visible search bar in the middle of the toolbar and press Enter (or click on page icon with the little triangle “Find Next”).

After that the programm starts to do something (cursor shows the windows waiting circle), but never finishes and eventually tells me No Responding.

Is anybody experiencing the same issues?

Thank You!

 I have the same problem! Help! It drives me crazy not being able to search (Ctrl-F) my documents! I’ve started opening them in Adobe Acrobat to find specific keywords within the document, which half destroys the point of using Endnote…