PDFs no longer enlarging in Reference Window - Endnote X8 Windows

Hi everyone,

For some reason I can no longer enlarge PDFs in the Reference Window. The PDFs are there, correctly linked, and I see them as small previews in the Reference Panel. However, when I try to open them in a reference window, this does not work. Endnote opens the reference information in the separate window, but I can see no way to come from there to the actual PDF. Any attempt to open the PDFs outside of Endnote work perfectly fine, also when initiated through Endnote (e.g. by clicking onto the attachement in the reference window).

This completely randomly happened today. I was working with Endnote in the morning, then did some work using other software, and when returning to the still open Endnote Library, I had the above described issue. I tried to restart Endnote and my PC, recovered the library, and even made a small test library from scratch, but the issue remains. I use Endnote X8 on Windows 10.

Does anyone know how to fix this (apart from trying to re-install Endnote)?


Hello Oliver Gordon,

In your library once you double click on a reference you should see the following:

Reference Window.png

If you click on the name of the pdf where the red arrow is pointing it should switch from the reference to the pdf.

pdf view.png

If you are not able to get the window to switch then please contact Technical Support so we can look further into this issue.

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



Hi Tony,

Thanks for the reply. The funny thing is that there is actually nothing there anymore where your red arrow points. I used to have the same ribbon there taking me to the PDF before this issue started. Now the only ribbon left is the one called “Reference”.

Thanks and best wishes,


I would contact Technical Support to look into the issue even if the pdf link is not working you should normally still have the tab. You should still have a tab that states attached pdf but when you click on it the screen would be blank.

I would test the Sample Library to see how it behaves.

You may need to recover your library.


Please contact Technical Support directly
1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or