Searching asterisk (wildcard)

Hi there!!

I was away from Endnote business for several months, but I’ve started some work left unfinished before upgrading to X4. One thing I’m doing now is reorganizing group and group sets, but I am trying to get rid of some of my custom fields that have * as field data.

You know, X4 started to support wildcard and * is the one. So, how do I search the character * itself?

In other programming languages, there are some ways to bypass, and put it like “*” or ‘*’, or put a carret in front, but none of them seemed like working.

I just want to find out records that have * in it, but the search gives me All records, because * simply means “anything”.

Hope this question hasn’t been covered too many times, since I feel I’m rusty!

Thanks! Masaaki

Just update:

I contacted Thomson Reuters regarding this issue, and they contacted promptly saying they are also able to reproduce this problem on their end. I put a feature suggestion as well through the tech support.

Hopefully they address this issue in the upcoming updates.