Searching in word attachments

I can successfully search full text in pdf attachments but not attachments in word.  Is there a way to do this?


Well, I guess one simple way would be to always first save the word document as a pdf and attach that? 

… or double-click the Word file attachment icon to activate MS Word then search using MS Word.

I can’t seem to search in PDF attachments.  If I open it in Adobe, then I can, bu not from within the PDF proview in Endnote.  How do you get it to search?


the search facility referred to in the first request, I think is refering to the actual search dialog, wher you can search for the usual “Author” “Year” or “title” but in the dropdown, can also search “any field” or “PDF” or “anyfield and PDF” for example.  When you selet the dropdown, you need to scroll up from (for example) author to see these.  – but it won’t search other formats I guess including Word or Powerpoint, even though these files types can be attached to records.

to “fix” this, my suggestion is the only current solution, to convert them to PDFs and reattach them.  - or to try to search the .DATA folder subfolders via other means. 

In the X6 PDF window (on a PC) there is a search box that works for me in the PDFs (as long as they contain “text” and aren’t just images/scans)?    

I search using the method Leanne has outlined, with Anyfield plus PDF selected.  This searches across all PDFs attached but won’t search the word documents for some reason. 

Selecting PDF causes the search to focus only on pdf attachments and excludes MS Word attachments - a limitation of EndNote at this time (which may have something to do with Microsoft’s proprietary control of MS Word). So as Leanne noted in her prior posting you’ll need to convert the MS Word attachments to pdfs then use the search feature.

You could submit the search-in-MS-Word-attachments as a Product Suggestion on the forum.