I want to link pdf files from my laptop to find full text.

Dear all, I have a good collection of pdf’s received from the authors. How can I make endnote search for these pdf files and link them to the references.(as in full text), If needed I can even make a separate directory and store all my pdfs there, thanks, Samuel, Bangalore

you can drag-drop pdfs to file attachment field, but there are lots of gimmics, so what EN version /OS are you using?

Sir, thanks for your kind reply

endnote 3.0.1 (Bld 4261) on Microsoft Vista

with regards, Samuel

I right clicked on the reference and navigated to the file and it got attached. Thanks

However, it will be nice if endnote has / will have an option to scan my laptop and autmomatically attach the correct pdfs. thanks Samuel

That’ll be nice, but it’s hard to imagine such functions are coming soon. They need to do metadata scan (scan the contents in pdfs) first. Anyway, be careful about the file name of the attachment. If it’s too long, it causes a lot of problems.

Thank you for informative answers, Samuel:smiley:

Hi Guys. 


Is there somebody, who knows if, or how it’s possible to synchronize two different EndNote Libraries? We’re using EndNote X. and each time when we try to combine both biblios (one on the workstation and the other from the notebook) the PDF’s are not copied! It seems that EndNote is not able to detect which items contain a PDF and which not. 

Please could you help for that?

Thanks a lot,