Seeing Group sets in the Record Summary

I sometimes have several groups with the same name, but under different group sets.

This means that when I right click on a document that I found through the search function and select “Record Summary”, I can’t see which group set it is in and navigate to it quickly and easily.  I have to open up all the different group sets and try to find the group within them that the document is in.

The reason that knowing the group set would be very helpful to me is because I often want to find related documents to my search results.  To do this I need to find the correct group (i.e. the one in the correct group set).

Adding that one field to the “Record Summary” results would help me a lot.

It’s kind of a scaling issue for me.  As I get more and more documents, groups, and group sets, finding where a particular document is located gets more and more difficult.

I’ve been using EndNote for 10 years or so, and have many many groups and group sets.  Also thousands of articles indexed.