Viewing groups


Using Endnote X1.0.1, is there a way when viewing a reference, to see which group(s) it is in?

This would be useful when some references are in multiple groups, but then you have to go through each group to find which ones. And also when deleting duplicates, to see which groups they are in.

Also, is there a way to view multiple groups in the same window?


the first problem can be solved by undate to x2 using the new feather “record summary|”.

To see multigroup in one windows? Is it really usefull, to my knowledge, I don’t think endnote can hand it.

Bu an alternative method can be used, create one new group in which you want to put all what you want, then select all the references in one group, add them to the new group, and then the second, …, so you can see them in the new grop!

I hope it can help you !

Hi All,

I wanted to revive this thread to see if there was any other input for the original question.

In X1, is there a way to see which group(s) a reference is part of?



I have the same question about X2. It would be nice if the individual references included a field for group membership.

In X2, from right click menu, open “Record Summary”.

You can find which custom group(s) the reference belongs to.

I don’t think X1 has this function.

Beyond this question, I still want ability to search which references belong to certain combination of groups.

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Is upgrading to a newer version of EndNote the only way to obtain this sort of feature?  I’m currently using X1, and not being able to see which groups my references belong to without going into each group and verifying whether it’s there or not has the potential to make bookkeeping extremely tedious.

Is there any hope?

I guess so…unfortunately. Yes, without being able to find group(s) one reference belongs to, it is very hard to organize groups into tidy ones. I have now several hundreds of groups and subgroups, and I want to find which references have multiple register (belong to multiple groups), but I can’t do that even with X3. So, I requested the feature to X4 Wish list. You could join your voice. Good news is Thomson Reuter is considering for the next version, but bad news is we have to wait until then.