Seeking output style: Health Services Research

Does anyone have an output style for Health Services Research? Thought I’d inquire before spending time creating one. Thanks.

Hello dp,

The attached output style file should do the trick!

Health Research and Educational Trust.os (13 KB)


Thanks for posting an output style. It doesn’t quite format everything correctly, so I’ll need to make a bunch of modifications. I was hoping someone else had done this task, but I guess I’m not that lucky!


Dear dp

I have a Health Services Research output style and have just joined the group. I am sorry to be really dim - but how to I attach it?

Best wishes


Dear Rick

How do I attach an output style? Can i do that?

Best wishes


Hello Rosalind,

When you are composing a message bellow the “Submit Post” button there should be a link for “Add Attachments.”   

Dear Peter

thanks for this. Below Submit Post I’ve got a link that says “view discussion in a pop up”, but I don’t seem to have anything that says “Add attachments”. I can see from eariler postings that it should probably look like a paper clip icon - would anything locally affect it?

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Hello again Rosalind,

We needed to reconfigure the forum, but you should now see the Add Attachments link above the “View discussion in a popup” 

Thanks very much for your help with this. I can see the “Add Attachments” link now. Please find attached my Health Services Research Output Style. I hope it is useful to members.

Best wishes


Health Services Research.os (12.9 KB)