Sharing libraries


I have a X8 license but want to share a libary with a Endnote online user who doesn’t have a desktop version of the software installed. Is this possible?

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Yes, you can sync it to endnote online and share from there with others (groups or full library I believe).  They can use the endnote online add-in tool to insert citations into their documents, but there are many fewer bells and whistles, smaller number of styles, and ways to manipulate the citations/bibliogrpahy settings.  

See  and the link there-in

Also you might want to down load the THE LITTLE ENDNOTE HOW-TO BOOK from here which has a section on sharing thru endnote online (this is a X7 resources, but I think these options haven’t changed much for X8 users).  You download the PDF from the right menu.  

Thank you! This helps, particularly the little guide section.