EndNote 20 Sharing Library with Others

I am new to EndNote 20 desktop, learning at the same time as our customers. Today I received a question from one of our customers as to why the Shared Library they had access to in EndNote X9.2 is not available. Checked to verify EN Library had been converted to new platform, yes. Verified Sync username and password is correct, yes. Suggested the Library owner invite customer again, this worked to provide online access to the Shared Library in EndNote Online. In the past the Shared Library displayed in the desktop version, now the Shared Library is in EndNote Online. Why has this changed? It was easier using the EN desktop version.

If a group wants to use CWYW with the Shared Library, does that mean we will have to install EN Online plug ins in addition to EN desktop plug ins?

Thank you.


Actually, the EndNote Online share process, and EndNote Desktop share process function differently.

The EndNote Desktop sharing allows a user with whom the library is shared synchronize down a copy of that library, which then stays synchronized with the Host. It does so by using the EndNote Online service as a hub for the data.

The EndNote Online service sharing allows an EndNote Online user to share a Group with another EndNote Online user. The references shared via this EndNote Online service are available only in the EndNote Online service itself. In the EndNote Desktop program, if you are synchronized with a user who has shared a group with you, there will be a “Groups Shared By Others” category in the grouping pane, allowing the user to click on the EndNote Online account doing the sharing, and be taken to their EndNote Online service to view that group.

Additionally, it is possible to insert citations from EndNote Online groups that have been shared with you via the EndNote Desktop tools. Newer versions of the software should have an option when going to Insert Citation allowing the user to set the search to “Shared Groups” for citations to insert.
Note that, for this to work, the user will need to go into their EndNote Online account.
In the account, go to Organize - Other’s Groups. Here, there will be a checkbox for “Use for Cite While You Write”, which will make those shared groups available to the Desktop Cite While You Write function.

I apologize for any confusion the difference in Sharing options may have caused.
If you have any further issues, I recommend reaching out to our Customer Support group.
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Steve Hitt
EndNote Expert