Short form and short title - How to use them both (or not) in conjunction with repeated citation


Does anyone can help and explain how to use the short title field in the short form in order to have the content of the short title appearing in the footnote only when a repeated citation become ambiguous ? Indeed when the short title is used in the short form, it always display the content of the field even if the option “when using the short form, include the title field only when needed to disambiguate a citation” is checked. If the short title field of the repeated ambigous citation is empty, Endnote still displays the whole title even if the option is checked.

So did the programmers forgot to add in this option the short title field as well?

Does anyone had an idea to overcome this problem?

How can you tell Endnote to add in the bibliography that the citation is cited by the short title field. Ex: Smith, Full Title, 2015, (cited as The Earth). The Earth being the short title. 

Thanks for your feedback on this matter.