Add short title to multiple references of same author

Dear All,

Hope someone could help me on this. I am trying to figure out how to insert a short title in the footnotes to disambiguate multiple works of the same author. This is required in the output style required in the institute I am writing my dissertation in.  What I did so far is in the templates section of footnotes, I placed short forms and clicked the tab “When using the short form, only use title when needed to disambiguate a citation”.  Okay, so far it was all cool. However, I noticed that when the references are repeated, or there has been consecutive citations of any work, regardless of being not ambiguous, it cites the “short title” now. What the output style requires generally, however, is just to cite again the author’s last name, and the cited pages. Of course,same rule still applies if multiple works of same author, then try to put short title per this author’s work.


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