Single user - library on network?

I am one user with two machines - I would like to have my libraries on one network-connected machine while I work on another network-connected machine. The libary files (*.enl) and the folders are all designated read/write, they are all shared. WIn XP on one, Win Vista on the other, Endnote X

Two issues arise:

A) depending on whether I open endnote first and then load the library, or just click on the network library (which initiates endnote X loading) I get an error: ‘could not initiate database support’,  and

B) Once I thread my way through getting the library loaded, I try to import an endnote citation from google scholar, for instance, and I am asked which library to import to (normal behavior), I select the library, and I get the message that ‘this file is in use’. I am advised to close the file in the application that’s using it - and if I do that and try again, then when endnote tries to load the selected library, I get the error message that the *.enl file is ‘locked or on a locked volume’.

I don’t need multiuser - I just want to be able to work the same way on either machine with a single library in one central place. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?