Library Recovery Issues

Hello all-

I’ve suddenly started having an issue with one of my Endnote libraries (this one is stored on an N Drive and accesses by multiple people). I’m getting the common eror message of “Please verify that no other user has this library open simultaneously with write access. If this error persists after restarting Endnote, then the library may be damaged.”

I’ve tried going to tools and selecting recovery (and then the library in question), but then nothing happens. Am I missing a step? 

Thanks for any help in advance! Perhaps this is an obvious one but I had not encountered it before. 

Endnote developers will tell you to always keep the library on the hard drive and not a network drive.  Having said that, I have kept mine on a fast network drive for 19 years – and had this happen once.  We keep two versions, one on a read write folder, and it is copied to a Read only folder every night.  

Is your networked drive backed up?  – If so, I would restore it.  

Or try copying both the enl file and the .DATA folder to a new location, and see if you can open that one?  

Do you back it up to the cloud using endnote online tools?  

And make sure some of the team hasn’t updated to X9.3 while others are still on an earlier version, because then they can’t share the library after the conversion.