Slow export/import to Reference Manager 12

Direct export (e.g. from Ovid) and import of textfiles in general (all formats, including RIS) is extremely slow in our RefMan 12.0.3. We import large files, often more than 1000 references. This has not been a problem earlier (we recently changed from version 10 to 12) but now it has become a serious problem for us. Does anyone have the same problem or trouble shooting tips?

I was curious about this, because we are thinking of upgrading to RM12. It does take a while for us to import - typically I start importing, then go make tea while I wait!

Today I actually timed it:

RefMan 11

1000 references took just over 9 minutes.

Database: Medline & Medline In Process through OvidSP, results saved in MEDLARS format as a text file (not a direct import)

Other stuff open: Firefox mostly, hadn’t opened MS Office or Outlook yet

What is your time?

We’ve also noticed that if you are using a network version of RefMan, any server or network connection slowness or problems very rapidly & noticably slows RefMan, or sometimes even causes crashing.


We have been unable to upgrade to V12 because of the slow import of text files.  We also import files of 1000 refs and in V11 it will take 15 seconds to import however the same text file imported into V12 will take 20 minutes.  I contacted Thomson Reuters about this and they said that they were previously unaware of this problem.

Until they fix it we will not be able to upgrade.  VERY annoying.



University of Birmingham