MS Word 2010 Professional works slow with RM 12

Dear Alll,

I have MS Office Professional Plus 2010 (32 bit) installed on my computer (64 bit, 4 GB RAM, Core 2 Duo processor, 2.4GHz).

Recently I installed RM 12 on my computer. I realize that my computer becomes very slow when I open the word file which has some references inserted from RM 12. When such a word file is open, it takes about 5-6 second to navigate between different windows. Other word files work properly.

Is it a compatibility issue between MS Word  professional Plus 2010 and RM 12 or I am missing some thing.

Please help.


Yes, please help.

I have brand new laptop and desktop, windows 7 and MS word 2010.

When Reference Manager 12 is installed and worddocument with references is open, the whole system slows down and becomes unusable.

The only solution seems to be uninstalling reference manager 12.

Any less extreme solution?

I have just installed the RefMan update 12.0.3 available on refman web-site and everything seems to work fine now!