Smart group unable to detect reference w/ PDF

Hi all,

A smart group I am working with is not detecting a reference (with attached PDF) I recently added (manually). I am at a loss to understand why because

  1. this reference is detected by another group, and both groups are designed to scan “Any Field + PDF with Notes”; also,
  2. I’ve had no problems with smart groups and other manual entries.

In sum, it feels like I have some smart groups that are able to scan references/PDFs, and another group that is not, despite similar group criteria (“Any Field + PDF with Notes”).

Perhaps I am not using the “Any Field + PDF with Notes” criteria correctly? I admit, I am a new-er EndNote user.

Any suggestions with this issue will be GREATLY appreciated. The ability to correctly use smart groups with references + attached PDFs is pivotal to my work.

Thanks in advance!