Smart Group Workaround

Hi all. Unfortunately, the Smart Group functionality (which runs a background process to keep Smart Groups up to date) can bring EndNote to its knees (as in my case, where I had 80 Smart Groups).

My workaround for this is to create standard groups and equivalent searches (which I’ve saved) which I then manually run, from time to time, in order to identify any new references, and then manually move these into the groups. In fact, exactly what Smart Groups was designed for.

I’d now like to automate this workaround by a) automatically running each search and b) moving any located references into the corresponding group. However, I can’t see anything from the API that would allow me to do either.

Any pointers (even if this is “you can’t do that”) would be appreciated. And any other suggestions for working around the Smart Groups issue would also be appreciated!


  • Pete

I had hundreds of smart groups, and removed them all to achieve reasonable response time on my 240,000 record bibliography, once I understood that that was the source of my problem.

If Thomson Reuters would provide a simple switch:

  • Smart Type Updating ON/OFF

we could have our cake and eat it too.

Yours, -Dick Gordon 

That’s a great idea, Dick. I’d be happy to let it run in “on” mode overnight, for example!


  • Pete